Poster Session – Section 1 "Computer Optics and Nanophotonics"

ID 2: Lyubov’ Dubman
Study of the formation and propagation of contour beams of a given shape

ID 6: Atiq Ur Rehman, Yousuf Khan, Muhammad Irfan, S.A Fomchenkov, Muhammad Ali Butt
Design and Analysis of Even-Positioned Cavity- Based Optical Amplification Device in Dielectric Metasurface

ID 9: Anna Dubman
Simulation of diffraction of vortex beams on curvilinear diffraction gratings

ID 17: Lyubov' Khismatullina
Research of astigmatic transformation of polynomial Legendre beams

ID 18: Anna Skidanova
Formation of a set of axial optical bottles due to annular screening of the binary axicon

ID 36: Alexander Bagrov, Evgeniy Bashkirov
Instant death of entanglement in the three-qubit Tavis-Cummings model

ID 41: Gumir Ishchanov
Influence of defocusing on the correctness of detection of wavefront aberrations using a matched filter

ID 43: Andrey Ustinov, Anna Skidanova
Changing the intensity on the caustic of autofocusing chirp beams depending on the amplitude of the incident beam

ID 44: Ilya Galaktionov, Alexander Nikitin, Vladimir Toporovsky, Julia Sheldakova, Alexis Kudryashov
Automated adaptive optical system for laser beam shaping using spatial light modulator

ID 53: Pavel Khorin, Alexey Dzyuba, Nikolay Petrov
Comparative analysis of the interferograms sensitivity to wavefront aberrations recorded with plane and cylindrical reference beams

ID 73: Serguei Murzin, Maksim Blokhin
Synthesis of quasi-one-dimensional nanomaterials and heterostructures based on zinc and copper oxides

ID 83: Maria Bamburova
Calculation and modeling of optical elements for the formation of polygonal beams.

ID 88: Sergei Sharangovich, Victor Dolgirev
Electrically controlled optical spectral filters for WDM communication networks based on multilayer inhomogeneous holographic diffraction structures

ID 92: Aleksandr Isupov, Dmitriy Andreev, Elena Andreeva
The broadband light source modeling using the optical fiber nonlinearity

ID 96: Maria Karpova, Mikhail Kirilenko
3D Modeling of Hermite-Gaussian Modes Propagation

ID 100: Daniil Gorelykh, Mikhail Kirilenko
Simulation of rotating Gauss-Laguerre beams in an imaging system with an obstacle

ID 114: Alla Rusetskaya
Comparative study of power-law apodizing functions when encoding the wavefront in order to increase the depth of focus

ID 122: Elizaveta Yarunova, Anton Krents, Nonna Molevich
Study of the influence of the Henry factor on the dynamics of wide-aperture VCSEL

ID 125: Alexey Bekhterev
Investigation of the influence of the training data set on the accuracy of recognition of optical Laguerre-Gauss modes

ID 135: Oleg Radaev, Ilya Frolov, Viacheslav Sergeev
Measurement of the cutoff frequency of the electroluminescence of LEDs at low currents

ID 136: Victor Kotlyar, Sergey Stafeev, Alexey Kovalev, Vladislav Zaitsev
Investigation of a vectorial Gaussian beam with higher-order cylindrical polarization near the tight focus: spin Hall effect

ID 142: Yaroslav Volokitin, Yuriy Egorov, Mikhail Bretsko, Yana Akimova, Alexander Rubass, Alexander Volyar
Singular beams passing through gyroanisotropic crystals

ID 166: Serguei Murzin
Thermochemical processes of laser-matter interaction as a mean for creating quasi-one-dimensional nanomaterials

ID 173: Valentin Logachev
Simulation of the vortex beams formation during diffraction by a thin square contour-like aperture

ID 182: Nikolai Vasnev, Trigub Maxim
Formation of signals with an adjusted contrast using optical systems

ID 199: Mikhail Bretsko, Yana Akimova, Alexander Volyar, Server Khalilov, Yuriy Egorov, Arina Ivakhnenko
Stability of structured Laguerre-Gauss beams to astigmatic transformation

ID 218: Server Khalilov, Mikhail Bretsko, Yana Akimova, Alexander Volyar, Arina Ivakhnenko
Determination of the vortex spectrum of vector LG beams by the method of moments of intensity

ID 221: Ravshanjon Nazarov, Zarina Sadrieva
Optical bio and chemical sensor in a one-dimensional photonic structure with bound states in the continuum

ID 254: Victor Kotlyar, Sergey Stafeev, Vladislav Zaitsev, Alexey Telegin
Poincare beams in tight focus

ID 265: Victor Kotlyar, Sergey Stafeev, Alexey Kovalev, Vladislav Zaitsev
Hall effect near a sharp focus of cylindrical vector beams with negative order

ID 271: Elizaveta Dolgova
Sharp focusing of beams with circular-radial polarization

ID 279: Dmitriy Andreev, Михаил Орлов, Elena Andreeva
Influence of External Effects on the Characteristics of the Optical Fiber

ID 289: Nikita Kazakov
Sharp focusing of beams with sector-azimuth polarization

ID 297: Stanislav Sergunin, Svetlana Khonina
Diffraction of a linearly polarized Gaussian beam on elliptical plates

ID 312: Victor Danilov
Formation of material structures with improved properties by laser irradiation using diffractive optics

ID 314: Victor Danilov
Synthesis of porous and oxide nanostructures by the method of laser irradiation using computer optics elements

ID 316: Maksim Pomeshchikov
Analysis of the impact of aberrational distortions on the intensity pattern of vortex beams of various orders

ID 336: Sergey Degtyarev, Sergey Silifonkin
The passage of rays through second-order surfaces taking into account polarization

ID 355: Vladimir Sokolov
30th anniversary of Image Processing Systems Institute of the RAS

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