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26 May




Olga Sushkova, Alexei Morozov, Alexandra Gabova and Alexei Karabanov
"Development of a method for early and differential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and essential tremor based on analysis of wave train electrical activity of muscles"



Renata Tolmacheva, Yury Obukhov and Ludmila Zhavoronkova
" Monitoring of inter-channel EEG phase synchronization in patients with traumatic brain injury before and after rehabilitation"



Konstantin Serdyukov and Tatyana Avdeenko
"Researching of methods for assessing the complexity of program code when generating input test data"



Andrey Konstantinov
"An approach to the formation of a training sample for assessing the emotional coloring of social network posts using machine learning"



Olga Andreeva, Alexander Nesterov, Tatiana Trubnikova, Vyacheslav Ivanov and Yelena Svechnikova
"Ethical and Legal Problems of Data Science (On Case Study of Video Recording Technologies)"

Only live talk


Vladimir B. Barakhnin, Olga Yu. Kozhemyakina, Pastushkov S. Ilya, Kuznetsova V. Irina and Yulia S. Borzilova
"Improvements to automated the algorithm definition of rhyme"



Alexey Zhelepov and Nadezhda Yarushkina
"IT specialists search algorithm based on repositories"



Vadim Zinatullin and Sergey Koledin
"Analysis of work scientists directions based on the processing of natural language texts"



Sergey Koledin, Edgar Zubaerov, Evgenii Kislicin, Vladislav Aptikaev and Ruslan Almakaev
"Parallelizing a solution of multi-purpose optimization problem for the conditions of a chemical reaction based on CUDA technology"



Alla Kravets
"Research of the LDA algorithm processing results on high-level classes of patents"

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Alexander Feoktistov and Roman Kostromin
"A multi-agent model of allocating resources of a high-performance computing environment in the processing of job flows"



Sergey Gorsky, Roman Kostromin, Alexander Feoktistov and Igor Bychkov
"Toolkit for supporting high-performance computing in subject-oriented heterogeneous environments"



Vladimir Vakourin, Andrey Kopylov, Oleg Seredin and Konstantin Mertsalov
"On the multiclass classification of words by a recurrent neural network with memory (LSTM) as applied to the problem of recognition of named entities"



Alexey Kovalenko and Yana Demyanenko
"Neural network confidence model"



Valeriia Guryanova
"Transfer Learning for tuberculosis screening by single-channel ECG"



Denis Shepelev, Valentina Bozhkova, Egor Ershov and Dmitry Nikolaev
"The problem of underwater images modeling based on terrestrial ones"



Section 1

27 May




Maxim Yavorsky, Dmitriy Vikulin and Constantine Alexeyev
"OAM transfer between optical and acoustical vortices in optical fibers"



Natalya Moiseeva
"Transformation of a vortex polarized beam in an anisotropic medium"



Angelina Moroz, Vadim Davydov, Roman Davydov and Kirill Malanin
"Fiber-optic information transmission system for interference compensation circuitry in a small-sized active phased array antenna"



Diana Dmitrieva, Valeria Pilipova, Elena Andreeva, Vadim Davydov and Valentin Dudkin
"The method for determining of negative exposure to γ - radiation on fiber-optic information transmission systems"



Andrey Agafonov, Anton Reshetnikov, Ivan Tzibizov and Alexey Shakhmin
"The technology of manufacturing metal-dielectric photonic crystals for THz and millimeter-wave ranges by 3D printing"



Eugene Bukhanov, Yuru Gurevich and Dmitry Shabanov
"Modeling an optical properties of plant epiticular wax"



Fedor Sidorov and Alexander Rogozhin
"New microscopic approach to e-beam lithography processes simulation"



Ivan Nemtsev, Olga Shabanova, Nikolay Shestakov, Alexander Cherepakhin, Alexander Ivanenko and Victor Zyryanov
"Photonic crystal structures based on submicron particles of polymethyl methacrylate"



Yuri Kachurin, Alexander Krukov and Oleg Kananykhin
"Macro usage for analyzing of a telescopic system aberrations in ZEMAX"



Anton Nalimov, Victor Kotlyar and Sergey Stafeev
"Optimizing of Poynting vector and light intensity after secant gradient lens"



Section 3

29 May




Kamila Koledina and Sergey Koledin
"Information-computational system for optimizing the conditions for catalytic reactions"



Konstantin Trubitsyn, Galina Mikheeva, Ruslan Klebleev and Olga Kurganova
"Additional boundary conditions in heat conduction problems for multilayer structures"



Konstantin Trubitsyn, Ruslan Klebleev, Galina Mikheeva and Ekaterina Stefanyuk
"Identification of heat exchange coefficient in heat conductivity problems with asymmetric boundary conditions"



Alexander Chistyakov, Alla Nikitina, Yulia Belova, Vladimir Litvinov and Alena Filina
"Mathematical modeling of the hydrodynamic processes of shallow water bodies taking into account the processes of salt and heat transfer"



Alexander Sukhinov, Elena Protsenko, Valentina Sidoryakina and Sofya Protsenko
"Numerical simulation of bottom topography transformation taking into account the coastal shore protection structures"



Denis Milyakov, Vladimir Verba, Vladimir Merkulov and Andrew Plyashechnik
"Two approaches to simulating a group flight of unmanned aerial vehicles as systems with lumped and distributed parameters"



Alexander Kovartsev, Anastasia Nazarova and Vitaly Zakharchenko
"Recovery of the hydrounit performance characteristics via a few observations"



Alexander Kuznetsov
"Game-theoretic model of agents' motion over a terrain with obstacles"



Rinad Seidgazov and Fikret Mirzade
"Thermocapillary mechanism for recoil pressure creation on a metals in laser technologies with deep penetration"



Ivan Amelyushkin
"Molecular modeling of  the interaction spherical and nonspherical  particles with a relief body"



Section 2

28 May




Artyom Makovetskii, Sergei Voronin, Vitaly Kober and Alexei Voronin
"An algorithm for rough alignment of point clouds in three-dimensional space"



Artyom Makovetskii, Vitaly Kober, Alexei Voronin and Dmitrii Zhernov
"Facial recognition and 3D non-rigid registration"



Alexey Ruchay, Konstantin Dorofeev, Vsevolod Kalschikov and Anastasya Kober
"Accuracy analysis of surface reconstruction from point clouds"



Irina Palchikova, Igor Latyshov, Evgenii Smirnov, Alexander Kondakov and Vasily Vasiliev
"Shot trace analysis using the computer vision"



Anton Agafonov and Alexander Yumaganov
"A comparison of 3D objects detection methods for an autonomous car driving problem"



Dmitry Murashov
"Application of an information model for selecting parameters of image segmentation algorithms"



Sergey Arseev and Leonid Mestetsky
"Handwritten Text Recognition Using Reconstructed Pen Trace with Medial Representation"



Radik Magdeev and Alexsandr Tashlinskii
"Efficiency of pseudo-gradient identification of similar shape objects in binary and grayscale images"



Sergey Rylov
"High-dimensional grid-based clustering for multispectral satellite image segmentation"



Mukesh Singh Boori, Alexander Kupriyanov, Sarla Choudhary and Komal Choudhary
"High Resolution 2019 land cover map of Southeast Asia"



Tatiana Shulga, Ludmila Verzhevskaya and Alesya Medvedeva
"The use of the data from Sentinel-2's MSI instrument to estimate the anthropogenic load on the coastal areas of the Crimea in 2017–2019"



Mikhail Elantcev, Igor Arkhipov and Renat Gafarov
"The modified method of statistical differentiation for the matching of aerial photograph and satellite images"



Anna Denisova, Anna Egorova and Vladislav Sergeyev
"Detection of forest vegetation boundaries using remote sensing data"



Anna Denisova and Alexander Belov
"Super-resolution reconstruction of remote sensing image using multi-temporal images with partial scene distortions"



Andrey Kuznetsov
"On deep learning approach in remote sensing data forgery detection"



Vadim Turlapov and Pavel Pahomov
"Investigation of correlation of empirical modes and low-frequency residues of hyperspectral image signatures"



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