Poster Session 3 - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


20 – 24 September (Online – Miro platform)

ID 4:        Irina  Khaymovich , Vladimir Ramzaev, Vadim Chumak
Modeling and data analysis to assess the sensitivity of the competitiveness of territories in the implementation of investment projects

ID 9:        Valentin Yunusov, Sergey Demin, Tatyana Panferova
The study of correlation and spectral characteristics of human brain activity while performing cognitive tasks

ID 10:      Mikhail Leontev, Dmitry Antonov, Sergey Sukhov
Robustness of spiking neural networks against adversarial attacks

ID 14:      Denis Zherdev, Larisa Zherdeva
Prediction of human behavior with synthetic data

ID 15:      Valentin Yunusov, Sergey Demin, Sergey Timashev
Development of a new approach to data analysis of complex systems: study of synchronization in the dynamics of solar activity parameters

ID 16:      Artem Mukhin, Rustam Paringer, Natalya Ilyasova
Feature selection algorithm based on estimation of the separability of feature space using discriminant analysis

ID 25:      Alena Sludnova, Vadim Shutko, Andrey Gaidel, Artem Nikonorov
Application of convolutional neural networks for the classification of tomographic data

ID 34:      Vadim Shutko, Alena Sludnova, Andrey  Gaidel, Artem  Nikonorov
Named entities recognition in medical texts

ID 36:      Leonid Petrov, Dmitry  Savelyev
Analysis of the use of a recurrent neural network to predict a trend reversal in the stock market

ID 37:      Dimitry Golovashkin , Liudmila Yablokova
Experimental study of the block algorithm for the difference solution of the heat equation. Implicit difference scheme

ID 57:      Vadim Pechenin, Michael Bolotov, Ekaterina Pechenina
Comparison of machine learning methods for improving assembly operations

ID 58:      Dmitry Ulyanov, Dmitry Savelyev
Development and research of learning algorithms for neural networks with reinforcement in the gaming industry

ID 59:      Julia Agafonova, Andrey Gaidel, Alexsander Kapishnikov, Evgeniy Surovtsev
Multi-class classification of brain tumor in MRI images

ID 62:      Vadim Moshkin, Dmitry Averin, Ilya Andreev
Development of a mobile system for interactive forecasting of statistical graph data

ID 71:      Dmitry Stadnik, Albert Gareev, Artem Nikonorov, Asgat Gimadiev
Remaining useful life prediction based on model data for a working fluid supply station

ID 76:      Alekseeva Anastasiya, Karpunina Irina, Klyachkin Vladimir
Identification of violations in monitoring the process of drinking water purification

ID 79:      Klyachkin Vladimir, Alekseeva Anastasiya
Optimization of the parameters of the generalized variance algorithm

ID 92:      Vadim Moshkin, Dmitry Yashin, Irina Moshkina, Nadezhda Yarushkina
General algorithm for calculating the aggregated time series forecast

ID 97:      Kirill Pugachev
Block methods of feature points matching based on the principle of conformity

ID 105:   Yana Borovskaya, Alexander Grebeshkov
The task of analyzing the interoperability of industrial Internet platforms and sensor systems based on the ontological approach

ID 106:   Vadim Pechenin, Ekaterina Pechenina, Alexander Kupriyanov
Reducing the labor intensity of technological operations using computer vision system

ID 110:   Nikita Lukashev, Vadim Davydov
Multiple access integration with ClickHouse for big data processing

ID 122:   Diera Pirova, Borislav Zaberzhinsky, Andrey Mashkov
Forecasting the Respiratory Tract Infections Development on the Basis of Machine Learning and Climatic Factors Analysis With the Use of High-Level Programming Languages

ID 125:   Igor Olyanich
Developing a new hybrid deep learning recommendation system

ID 136:   Aleksandra Zhdanova, Aleksandr Kupriyanov, Anastasia Khoroshilova
Prediction of human behavior based on analysis of social networks data

ID 138:   Sergei Repin, Alexander Kupriyanov
Algorithms based on neural network for segmentation of defects on metal sheet images

ID 139:   Andrei Meshcheriakov, Sergey Popov
Improving the speed and accuracy of the SORT object tracking algorithm using MPI technology

ID 161:   Ekaterina Gurlina, Rustam Paringer
Method for revealing texture properties of specified image classes

ID 179:   Igor Lvovich, Yakov Lvovich, Andrey Preobrazhenskiy, Oleg Choporov
Modeling and optimization of processing large data arrays in information systems

ID 184:   Elizaveta Rudinskaya, Rustam Paringer
Analysis of the influences of data on the training of Haar cascades for face detection

ID 186:   Andrei Melekhin
Development of engineering calculator to copmutation the heat flux for heating of buildings on extended feature settings

ID 187:   Ihar Kilbas, Rustam Paringer, Andrey Gaidel, Sergey Rovnov, Yegor Goshin
A neural network model for tracking marker objects in a video

ID 191:   Vladislav Egorov, Olga Maksimova, Boris Kryzhanovsky, Leonid Litinskii
Critical behaviour of a heat capacity for three-dimensional Ising model

ID 195:   Olga Kurbatova, Alexander Kupriyanov
Text mining algorithms for classifying news messages

ID 211:   Irina Matveeva, Lyudmila Bratchenko, Oleg Myakinin
Effect of the noise in Raman basis spectra of amino acids on their reconstruction from a mixture by Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR) analysis

ID 235:   Violetta Chebakova, Lenar Kashapov, Ramil Kashapov, Nail Kashapov
One of the Methods of Numerical Optimization in Chemical Kinetics Problems

ID 238:   Vseslav Vinokurov, Irina Matveeva, Yulia Khristoforova, Oleg Myakinin, Ivan Bratchenko, Lyudmila Bratchenko, Alexander Moryatov, Alexander Machikhin, Sergey Kozlov, Valery Zakharov
Neural network classifier for hyperspectral images of skin pathologies

ID 243:   Alexey Andreev, Regina Mubarakshina, Yura Nefedyev
Analysis of the Earth's pole dynamics using regression modeling

ID 247:   Alexander Vinogradov, Vladimir Ryazanov
Dealing with realizations of hidden regularities in data as independent generalized precedents

ID 262:   Oleg Strashko, Ilya Kuznecov, Dmitriy Guskov
A model for processing and presenting weather information in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles based on fuzzy logic elements

ID 274:   Andrey Sitnikov
Investigation of the possibility of using methods based on convolutional neural networks for eye tracking

ID 276:   Aleksandr Borodinov, Vladislav Myasnikov, Anton Agafonov
Reconstruction of public transport trips

ID 283:   Dmitriy Borisov, Aleksandr Blagov
The Lomb-Scargle method application in finding the periodogram of the activity of laboratory animals

ID 290:   Yuliya Kuvayskova, Victor Krasheninnikov, Alexey Subbotin
Forecasting the technical state of an object based on the composition of machine learning methods

ID 295:   Iliya Grachev, Vadim Pechenin
Comparative analysis of methods for assessing assembly dimensional chains

ID 298:   Vladimir Mokshin, Nikita Stadnik, Alexander Zolotukhin
Development of an information system for organizing the work of a production workshop

ID 300:   Usman Tasuev, Esmira Alisultanova, Natalya Anatolevna
Technologies of neural networks for forecasting and evaluation of startup projects

ID 301:   Valerian Zheltov, Pavel Zheltov
Symbol solvers for morphologic and syntax analysis

ID 302:   Vladimir Mokshin, Skachkova Elena
Researching Machine Learning Methods for Diagnosing Women's Health

ID 317:   Mariia Mazing, Anna Zaitceva, Yuriy Kislyakov, Vadim Davydov
Medical diagnostic intelligent system for recognizing of the functional state of a person

ID 331:   Maksimilian Khotilin
The technology of constructing an informative feature of a natural hyperspectral image area for the classification problem

ID 354:   Alexander Yumaganov
Comparison of Siamese neural network architectures in the problem of similar code sequences search

ID 367:   Igor Mishin, Olga Saltykova
Visualization of the results of machine learning when implementing an automated phaser

ID 371:   Evgeniy Minaev, Vladimir Fursov, Anton Kotov
Visual odometry technology from reference surface observations with correction of coordinate estimates

ID 372:   Evgeny Maiorov, Oleg Saprykin, Miranush Darbinan
Validation of the city's transport model using Mapbox Movement data

ID 373:   Olga Zhuravleva, Natalia Savhalova, Andrei Komarov, Denis Zherdev, Anna Demina, Aleksandr Nesterov, Artem Nikonorov
Computational Analysis of the Aesthetic Content Relating to the Fine-Art Image

ID 375:   Jamil Safarov, Sergey Efimov, Sergey Jatsun
Controlled hydrosphere monitoring by a group of robots

ID 387:   Evgeniy Kudashov, Michael Bolotov, Vadim Pechenin
Evaluation of the impeller shroud blade contacts parameters using machine learning

ID 388:   Larisa Zherdeva, Evgeniy Minaev, Denis Zherdev, Vladimir Fursov
Synthetic dataset for navigation tasks of autonomous systems and ground robots

ID 393:   Dmitry Berlin, Yegor Goshin
Development and research of an information system for recognition of a three-dimensional object by its image

ID 402:   Evgeniy Minaev
Investigating Machine Learning Based on Fractal Compression for Image Recognition

ID 406:   Larisa Zherdeva, Denis Zherdev, Evgeniy Minaev
Ground robot navigation with Deep Reinforcement Learning in immersive environment

ID 410:   Andrey Akimov, Svetlana Mustafina, Sofia Mustafina
Comparison of semantic convolutional neural networks on the example of fracture segmentation in asphalt images

ID 413:   Nikita Yarychenko
Development of algorithms for clustering images in social networks based on context highlighting

ID 419:   Nikita Svyatov, Alexander Blagov
Time series analysis and forecasting

ID 426:   Julia Agafonova, Margarita Rusakova
Convolutional neural network for detecting pathological changes on electrocardiograms

ID 432:   Anton Kotov, Yegor Goshin
A method for refining the motion parameters based on quaternions

ID 438:   Vladimir Mokshin, Babakhan Kurbanov, Timur Tukhbatullin, Zulfiya Khanova
Research of methods for predicting performance indicators on the example of an oil field

ID 441:   Aleksandr Borodinov, Vladislav Myasnikov, Anton Agafonov
Choosing the optimal dimension of the feature space in the reconstruction of user preferences

ID 443:   Marina Murtazina, Tatiana Avdeenko
Classification of EEG Data with WEKA

ID 457:   Alexander Kolsanov, Nikolai Popov, Irina Aiupova, Konstantin Dobratulin, Andrey Gaidel, Anna Ivleva
Development of a software complex for the diagnosis of dentoalveolar anomalies using neural networks

ID 458:   Natalia Kravtsova
Development of an algorithm for forming a set of informative areas of the spatial spectrum for the classification of texture images

ID 462:   Oleg Golovnin, Nikita Perevozchikov
E-STGCN:  Enhanced spatial-temporal graph convolutional network for road traffic forecasting

ID 466:   Anna V. Kuznetsova, Yuriy Shtyrlov
The application of machine learning in the oil and gas sector

ID 474:   Alexander Kolsanov, Nikolai Popov, Irina Aiupova, Anna Ivleva, Andrey Gaidel, Konstantin Dobratulin
Identification of cephalometric reference points of hard tissues of the skull on

ID 476:   Yulia Pchelkina, Ivan Alimenkov
Analysis of huge wave and a new mathematical model that allows for an exact solution

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