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27 May




Maxim Yavorsky, Dmitriy Vikulin and Constantine Alexeyev
"OAM transfer between optical and acoustical vortices in optical fibers"



Natalya Moiseeva
"Transformation of a vortex polarized beam in an anisotropic medium"



Angelina Moroz, Vadim Davydov, Roman Davydov and Kirill Malanin
"Fiber-optic information transmission system for interference compensation circuitry in a small-sized active phased array antenna"



Diana Dmitrieva, Valeria Pilipova, Elena Andreeva, Vadim Davydov and Valentin Dudkin
"The method for determining of negative exposure to γ - radiation on fiber-optic information transmission systems"



Andrey Agafonov, Anton Reshetnikov, Ivan Tzibizov and Alexey Shakhmin
"The technology of manufacturing metal-dielectric photonic crystals for THz and millimeter-wave ranges by 3D printing"



Eugene Bukhanov, Yuru Gurevich and Dmitry Shabanov
"Modeling an optical properties of plant epiticular wax"



Fedor Sidorov and Alexander Rogozhin
"New microscopic approach to e-beam lithography processes simulation"



Ivan Nemtsev, Olga Shabanova, Nikolay Shestakov, Alexander Cherepakhin, Alexander Ivanenko and Victor Zyryanov
"Photonic crystal structures based on submicron particles of polymethyl methacrylate"



Yuri Kachurin, Alexander Krukov and Oleg Kananykhin
"Macro usage for analyzing of a telescopic system aberrations in ZEMAX"



Anton Nalimov, Victor Kotlyar and Sergey Stafeev
"Optimizing of Poynting vector and light intensity after secant gradient lens"



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