Section 2 - Track 2


On this page, talks in the format of video presentations are posted. They can be viewed during the whole time of the Conference. To send your question to the authors, please follow to YouTube and write your question in the comments. You can also use the feedback form on our website. Authors will answer questions using Yotube comments or via email.


Dmitrii Troshkin, Alexander Chertov and Elena Gorbunova
"Assessment of the vitreousness of wheat samples based on the analysis of digital images of grains"



Alexey Pyataev, Anna Pyataeva and Ruslan Brezhnev
"Pine crown density determination using local binary patterns"



Aleksandr Shirokanev, Nikita Demin, Nataly Ilyasova, Rustam Paringer and Andrey Zolotarev
"Decision Tree Application for Fundus Image Segmentation"



Lyudmila Kopeykina and Andrey V. Savchenko
"Personal data detection in photo album based on face clustering and text classification of scanned documents"



Mikhail Lange and Andrey Lange
"On data classification efficiency based on a trade-off relation between mutual information and error probability"



Stanislav Egorov, Igor Arkhipov and Tatiana Shelkovnikova
"Information system for segmentation of nanoparticles in STM-images"



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