Section 1 - Track 1


On this page, talks in the format of video presentations are posted. They can be viewed during the whole time of the Conference. To send your question to the authors, please follow to YouTube and write your question in the comments. You can also use the feedback form on our website. Authors will answer questions using Yotube comments or via email.


Victor Kotlyar and Alexey Kovalev
"Topological charge of Gaussian vortex light fields and their superpositions"



Artem Antonov
"Approach for finding amplitude of the transmitted diffraction orders in the framework of a rigorous coupled-wave analysis"



Dmitry Savelyev
"Investigation of the cylindrically polarized beams focusing by a diffractive axicon using high-performance computer systems"



Constantine Alexeyev, Elena Barshak, Dmitriy Vikulin, Boris Lapin and Maxim Yavorsky
"Propagation of optical vortices in loop resonators on the basis of multimode optical fibers"



Mikhail Kirilenko
"Modeling the propagation of Laguerre-Gaussian modes through a random medium based on the analytical Karhunen-Loeve expansion"



Linar Ahmetov
"The formation of polymorphic beams with diffraction-free properties"



Elena Barshak, Constantine Alexeyev, Dmitriy Vikulin, Boris Lapin and Maxim Yavorsky
"Structure and spectrum of modes with azimuthal number l>1 in twisted anisotropic optical fibers"



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