Section 4 - Track 1


On this page, talks in the format of video presentations are posted. They can be viewed during the whole time of the Conference. To send your question to the authors, please follow to YouTube and write your question in the comments. You can also use the feedback form on our website. Authors will answer questions using Yotube comments or via email.


Vadim Moshkin, Ilya Andreev and Nadezhda Yarushkina
"The sentiment-analysis algorithm of social networks text resources based on ontology"



Alisa Makhmutova, Igor Anikin, Rifkat Minnikhanov, Tikhon Bolshakov, Maria Dagaeva and Kamil Mingulov
"Detection of traffic anomalies for a safety system of smart city"



Olga Kiryanova, Ilya Kiryanov, Bulat Kuluev, Aleksey Chemeris and Liana Akhmetzianova
"The method of generation barcode for DNA certification of plants and organisms"



Kamila Fatkhutdinova, Alexey Vulfin, Vladimir Vasilyev, Andrey Nikonov and Anastasiya Kirillova
"Intelligent emotion recognition system in neural network basis"



Valentina Burmistrova, Alexander Butov, Maksim Volkov, Mariya Gavrilova, Sergey Hrustalev, Boris Kostishko and Alexander Shabalin
"Methods of researching processes with various types of compensation of the change-point"



Arina Startcseva, Alexey Vulfin, Vladimir Vasilyev, Andrey Nikonov and Anastasiya Kirillova
"Bank transaction text label mining algorithms"



Igor Genrikhov and Elena Djukova
"Finding frequent elements for a product of partial orders and association rules"



Anton Romanov and Aleksey Filippov
"Approach to data-driven enterprise decision-management"



Mikhail Abramyan, Boris Melnikov, Anastasia Nichiporchuk and Marina Trenina
"Application of artificial intelligence in the branch and bound method on the example of various applied problems"



Olga Medvedeva, Sofya Mustafina, Alia Nurgalieva and Shoabbos Ibragimov
"Augmented Reality Mobile apps Development with Unity and Vuforia SDK"



Dmitry Vasin, Vladimir Gromov, Sergey Romensky and Sergey Rotkov
"Automated technology for converting paper-based design documentation into an electronic 3D model of an object"



Dmitry Gorbachev
"Evaluating the relevance of the elements of distributed computing system infrastructure when solving tasks in managing an economic unit"



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