Section 1 «Computer Optics and Nanophotonics»

Diffraction Optics (Design of Diffractive Optics Elements, Modeling of Diffractive Optics Elements, Manufacturing Technology of Diffraction Optics Elements, Optical Micromanipulation);
Planar Optical Structures (Waveguides, Photonic Crystals, Resonance Structures, Bragg Gratings);
Optical Imaging Systems (Optical Calculations, Modeling of Optical Imaging Systems);
Hyperspectral Imaging Systems (Construction of Hyperspectral Imaging Systems, Dispersion Elements, Spectral Filters);
Nanophotonics (Elements of Nanophotonics, Technologies for Manufacturing Nanophotonics Elements);
Fiber Optics (Modeling of Fiber Optics, Fiber Optics Manufacturing Technology, Atmospheric Optical Communication Systems).

Section 2 «Image Processing and Earth Remote Sensing»

Digital Image Processing (Filtering, Enhancement, Color Mapping, Compression, Spectral Transformations and Invariants);
Visual Recognition and Retrieval (Segmentation, Clusterization, Classification, Retrieval, Feature Extraction and Selection, Descriptors, Dimensionality Reduction);
Motion Analysis (Object Detection and Tracking, Face, Gesture and Action Recognition);
Scene Reconstruction (3D Vision, Shape or Relief Reconstruction, Registration, Geometry Transformation);
Remote Sensing Image Processing and Analysis (Geometric and Radiometric Correction, Mosaic, Classification, Dimensionality Reduction, Spectral Unmixing, Change Detection, Anomaly Detection, Data Fusion);
Multimedia Protection and Information Hiding (Watermarking, Authentication, Forgery Detection, Steganography, Steganalysis);
Geoinformatics (Vectorization, Tracing, Geospatial Analysis and Modeling).

Section 3 «Mathematical Modeling of Physico-Technical Processes and Systems»

Mathematical Modeling of Information Processes;
Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes and Phenomena;
Mathematical Modeling of Technical Systems.

Section 4 «Data Science»

Data Mining (Big Data, Systems and Platforms, Methods);
Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Statistical Methods, Feature-Based Classification, Applications);
Security, Cryptography (Cryptosystems Design and Analysis, Mathematical and Algorithmic Aspects, Efficient Implementations of Algorithms, Network Security);
High Performance Computing (Parallel Programming Models and Languages, High-Performance Implementations, Complex Systems Simulation).

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