About Samara

Samara is a city in the Middle Volga region of Russia, the center of the Volga Region economic region and Samara region, forms the urban district of Samara. Population - 1 169 719 people (2017), the ninth largest city in Russia in terms of population.

Samara’s time zone is UTC+4.

Yandex.maps, Google Maps or 2GIS services are available in Samara. Offline maps of Samara for smartphones is available on:

Yandex.maps (PlayMarket/AppStore)

2GIS (PlayMarket/AppStore)

MAPS.ME (PlayMarket/AppStore)

The main public transport modes in Samara are buses, trams and trolleybuses. You can use the Arrival-63 service (PlayMarket/AppStore)to plan your trip around the city.

We also recommend using the following services of taxi transportation:

- Taxi "Bravo",  +7(846)220-20-20

- Samara" taxi, +7(846)201-21-21

- Mega cab, +7(846)990-00-00

- Yandex. Taxi (PlayMarket/AppStore)

- Uber (PlayMarket/AppStore)


For information on global and national transport connections, see the section “How to get there”.


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