soifer lector

Viktor Soifer
President of Samara University

Online lecture "Robots in the digital world"

What's a robot? How is the world's robotic market today? How is artificial intelligence used in robotics?

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Soifer is convinced that today the main mission of the personalities of science, culture, education and art is to give people the opportunity to get into interesting and deep themes, his lecture is therefore adressed to everyone. Is is an overview of a popular science topic, particularly relevant in the context of society immersed in the digital world.



Online lecture "What is the digital economy?"

Transition to "digital economy" and digital management is not a simple digitization of data and processes, it is a change of model, approaches, way of thinking. In his lecture, Victor Soifer, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, talks about economic, social, and psychological aspects of this process.


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