Poster Session 2 - Information Technologies for Earth Remote Sensing and Image Processing


20 – 24 September (Online – Miro platform)

ID 1:        Mukesh Boori, Komal Choudhary, Rustam Paringer, Alexander Kupriyanov
Remote sensing ecological index evaluation in Samara region Russia

ID 5:        Kseniya Medvedeva
Mobile application for linear nonlinear correction with a modified reference area

ID 28:      Nataly Rodionova, Svetlana Kudryashova, Aleksandr Chumbaev
Assessment of some parameters of the topsoil layer from multispectral SENTINEL 2 data in conditions of the Novosibirsk region

ID 39:      Alexei Sychev, Ivan Kholopov
Comparative analysis of image noise estimation methods

ID 73:      Maxim Shamshin, Denis Privezencev
Algorithm for forming a multitude of characteristic sections of the texture of the image and its use for detecting surface defects of metal rolling using a fractal image model

ID 87:      Roman Kovalenko, Alexander Tashlinskii, Mikhail Tsaryov
Using threshold processing to moving object detection in the image sequence

ID 98:      Mikhail Gashnikov
Image coding based on efficient representation of trivial regions in quantization

ID 99:      Sergey Zraenko
Combining channels to increase the differences between coniferous and hardwood vegetation in satellite images

ID 124:   Denis Nikolaev, Vadim Davydov, Vasiliy Rud
Influence of the relative position of receiving stations on the accuracy of determining the location of the object

ID 131:   Igor Kudinov, Ivan Kholopov, Mikhail Nikiforov
Comparative analysis of two strategies for forming a panoramic video image

ID 144:   Daniil Kozlov
Comparison of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Motion Control of an Autonomous Robot in Gazebo Simulator

ID 164:   Radik Magdeev, Galina Safina, Alexander Tashlinkii
Comparative analysis of objective quality functions for the stochastic gradient identification method

ID 171:   Andrey Kuznetsov, Mikhail Gashnikov
Investigation of the Influence of the Retouched Region Size on the RS-Images Quality

ID 172:   Nikolay Glumov, Mikhail Gashnikov
Quantizer optimization based on uniform iterative expansion of quantization intervals

ID 177:   Anna Denisova, Victor Fedoseev, Lyudmila Kavelenova, Natalya Prokhorova, Natalya Vlasova, Evgeniy Korchikov
Monitoring the recreational impact on unique natural objects using UAVs

ID 199:   Anna Denisova, Andrey Chernov
Comparative analysis of Sentinel and MODIS data in the problem of crop classification

ID 209:   Anton Alekseev, Sergei Kiselev, Maksim Grishin, Elena Stepashkina
Recognition of indications of analogue devices by the example of devices of a high-altitude-speed group

ID 228:   Anton Agafonov, Alexander Yumaganov
Agent-Based Traffic Signal Control Using a Reinforcement Learning Approach

ID 229: Oleg Ivanov, Natalia Sevastianova
Clustering of pixels of multizone Earth images using a neural network

ID 230:   Alexander Yumaganov, Anton Agafonov
Comparison of autonomous driving approaches

ID 237:   Anastasia Lemeshko, Yegor Goshin
The effect of changing the number of levels of the wavelet transform on the result of combining multi-focus images

ID 245:   Yury Nefedyev, Regina Mubarakshina, Alexey Andreev, Natalya Demina, Zoya Andreeva, Viktor Borovskih
Dynamic Parameters of the Geocenter Produced by GPS and DORIS Navigation Systems by Means of Adaptive Regression Methods

ID 248:   Anatoly Novikov, Anton Pronkin
Difference method for estimating the variance of discrete white noise in a digital image

ID 259:   Yuriy Avramenko, Anastasiya Popova, Gennadiy Rugnikov, Roman Fedorov
Continuous integration of remote sensing methods for Baikal natural territory research

ID 268:   Andrey Kuznetsov
A new deep fake method based on background removal

ID 270:   Andrey Kuznetsov, Vladimir Kondratiev
An algorithm for intrusion detection into the control system of an unmanned vehicle

ID 287:   Victor Krasheninnikov, Yuliya Kuvayskova, Alexey Subbotin
Models of cylindrical images with harmonic components of the correlation function

ID 288:   Oleg Goriachkin, Aleksey Borisenkov
Estimation of probabilistic characteristics of detection of moving targets on images of the space radar of remote sensing of the Earth

ID 307:   Oleg Golovnin, Dmitry Rybnikov
Benchmarking of feature detectors and matchers using OpenCV-Python wrapper

ID 308:   Andrey Viktorenkov, Pavel Yakimov
Development of a computer vision system for detecting defects on the inner surface of a pipe

ID 314:   Valeriy Labunets, Victor Chasovskich, Nicolas Ostheimer
All Fourier-Clifford Transforms

ID 326:   Gennadiy Gromilin, Nikolay Yakovenko
A method for assessing the pupil center coordinates in Eyetracking with a free head position

ID 332:   Alina Bavrina, Victor Fedoseev
Watermarking with recovery capability for HGI image compression

ID 338:   Alexey Borisov, Vladislav Myasnikov
Implementation of foveated self-similarity filter for GPU

ID 345:   Denis Privezentsev, Konstantin Mortin
A system for detecting defects in sheet metal on images using a deep neural convolutional network

ID 349:   Evgeniya Efimenko, Evgeny Myasnikov
Evaluation of dimensionality reduction techniques in the problem of person recognition by gait

ID 370:   Anna Klikunova, Alexander Khoperskov
Creating a digital terrain models

ID 374:   Leonid Mestetskiy, D. S. Guru, H.S. Nagendraswamy, B. H. Shekar, Channabasava Chola
Gender Identification of Fruit Flies Based on Morphological Analysis of Microscopic Images

ID 385:   Kirill Kovalev, Anton Agafonov
Authentication Scheme in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Based on Roadside Unit Infrastructure

ID 404:   Andrey Sosnovsky, Nina Vinogradova, Artem Kantsurov
A method for recovering the damaged remote sensing systems images, obtained from parallel orbits

ID 405:   Yegor Goshin, Daria Arkhipova
Noise Compensation in Super Resolution Problem Using Huber Loss Function

ID 408:   Mikhail Bochkarev, Yuliya Vybornova
A QIM-based Watermarking Method for 3D-mesh Integrity Protection

ID 416:   Evgeny Myasnikov
Segmentation of hyperspectral images based on the estimation of data dimensionality in spatial regions

ID 420:   Anton Kotov, Yegor Goshin
Hyperspectral Image Fusion Based on Bilateral Filtering Algorithm

ID 424:   Victoriya Yaikova, Nikita Kharin, Elena Yakovleva, Oskar Sachenkov, Maxim Baltin, Tatyana Baltina
Kinematic analysis of human movement according to Vicon video recording

ID 434:   Yuliya Vybornova
Method for construction of three-dimensional pseudo-holographic digital watermarks

ID 445:   Elena Semenova
Analysis of biological electron microscope picture

ID 450:   Michael Shpekin, Chingiz Mukhametshin, Alexander Semenov, Renat Salimov
High resolution orbital photogrammetry on the example of modeling selected relief elements in the Tsiolkovsky crater on the Moon

ID 472:   Artyom Makovetskii, Vitaly Kober, Dmitrii Zhernov, Alekseii Voronin
Convolutional neural network in the classifying problem of point clouds in three-dimensional space

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