Poster Session 1 - Computer Optics and Nanophotonics


20 – 24 September (Online – Miro platform)

ID 8:        Muhammad Ali Butt, Dmitry Savelyev
Axicon versus spatial light modulator: A brief analysis

ID 13:      Kseniya Gennadievna Arinushkina, Anton Petrovich Valov, Vadim Vladimirovich Davydov
Digital processing of optical signals in the frequency standard based on rubidium atoms - 87

ID 19:      Eugene Bashkiro
Entanglement of two dipole-coupled qubits induced by the quantum field of cavity with a Kerr medium

ID 24:      Olga Dyukareva
Simulation of propagation of polynomial circular laser beams

ID 29:      Yuriy Egorov, Mihail Bretsko, Yana Akimova, Alexander Volyar
OAM instability of higher-order optical vortices

ID 33:      Angelina Moroz, Vadim Davydov, Vasiliy Rud'
Development of a technique and a fiber-optic system for checking in the anechoic chamber the radiation pattern of an active phased array antenna in the far-field

ID 44:      Pavel Khorin
Iterative wavefront correction algorithm based on optical expansion in the Zernike basis

ID 53:      Andrey Ustinov, Svetlana Khonina
Degree of cyclicity: another characteristic of the phase distribution

ID 64:      Nadya Grebenikova, Vadim Davydov
Features of the design of the optical part of the refractometer for monitoring the state of the flowing liquid medium

ID 65:      Semen Logunov, Vadim Davydov, Vasiliy Rud'
Three-component quantum variometer for autonomous space devices

ID 77:      Anna Skidanova
Modeling the formation of spiral light distributions using diffraction optical elements

ID 83:      Stanislav Sergunin
Focusing of pulsed laser linearly polarized Gaussian beams using a refractive microaxicon

ID 104:   Sofya Abdurakhmanova, Vadim Davydov, Georgiy Bukharov, Zoya Geisser
Development of a technique for ensuring the stability of the parameters of pulsed and continuous radiation in laser systems with semiconductor pumping

ID 111:   Andrey Krupnikov, Mikhail Kirilenko
Propagation of beams matched with spheroidal functions through the Fresnel transform

ID 113:   Arina Starikova, Mikhail Kirilenko
Decomposition of the formed Airy beam in Gauss-Hermite modes

ID 114:   Alexey Raku, Alexander Shirokanev, Alexander Degtyarev, Nataly Ilyasova
Numerical modeling of the heat conduction equation in a layered region and experimental study of its methodological error

ID 115:   Alisa Belonenko, Yulia Dvuzhilova, Ilya Dvuzhilov
Propagation of an extremely short optical pulse in a nonideal photonic crystal

ID 116:   Maria Shevchenko, Elena Andreeva
Features of the fiber-optic transmission system using optical soliton pulses

ID 117:   Maria Shevchenko, Elena Andreeva
Effect of the Raman scattering on the soliton data transmission system characteristics

ID 147:   Dmitry Shurupov, Vadim Davydov, Vasiliy Rud
Particularity of using of hybrid photodetectors near infrared

ID 152:   Pavel Serafimovich, Alexey Dzyuba, Sergey Popov
Increasing depth of field of tilted diffractive optical element with depth map calculation in the end-to-end imaging system

ID 154:   Sergey Fomchenkov
Development of a high-quality diffraction optical slit manufacturing method for hyperspectral equipment

ID 155:   Natalya Moiseeva
Reflection and transmission matrices for plane anisotropic gradient structures with torsion

ID 170:   Yaroslav Skidanov
Research of the optical transformation based on a generalized spiral phase plate

ID 180:   Ekaterina Muratova, Igor Vrublevsky, Katerina Chernyakova, Nikita Lushpa, Svetlana Nalimova, Vyacheslav Moshnikov
Study of structural parameters of porous anodic oxide depending on electrolyte temperature

ID 181:   Egor Byzov, Sergey Kravchenko, Leonid Doskolovich
Formation of specified two-dimensional intensity distributions by refractive optical elements

ID 215:   Nadezhda Alekseeva, Sergey Rodin, Bogdan Reznikov, Vadim Davydov, Vasiliy Rud
Features of using a shutter-type modulator in fiber-optic systems

ID 220:   Anton Frolov
Changing the trajectory of Airy beams by using a spatial carrier frequency

ID 223:   Sergey Kravchenko, Egor Byzov, Leonid Doskolovich
Design method for two free-form refracting surfaces for extended light sources

ID 234:   Sergey Poletayev, Aleksandr Lyubimov
Influence of the substrate dimensions on the matching of the lower electrode with the RF displacement generator during reactive-ion etching

ID 242:   Anna Grevtseva, Vadim Davydov, Vasiliy Rud
Modernization of the optical part of the quantum frequency standard on rubidium-87 atoms to improve metrological characteristics

ID 258:   Nataliya Erkhova, Evgenii Sechak, Vladimir Shmagin
Optical scheme of FCU for WSO-UV project

ID 266:   Stanislav Abulkhanov, Dmitriy Goryainov, Yury Strelkov
Assessment of the quality of the end surfaces of optical fiber light guides

ID 269:   Stanislav Abulkhanov
Evaluation of the quality of the surface microrelief of a metal optics element using continued fractions

ID 280:   Serguei Murzin, Alexey A. Melnickov, Maksim Blokhin
Application of diffractive optics for structures formation of dual phase steel with reduced microhardness

ID 285:   Serguei Murzin, Nikolay L. Kazanskiy, Christian Stiglbrunner
Development of technologies of laser material processing with use of diffractive optics

ID 289:   Serguei Murzin, Maksim Blokhin, Alexey A. Melnickov
Synthesis of metal-semiconductor nanocomposite based on zinc oxide by laser irradiation

ID 291:   Anastasiya Shatskaya, Konstantin Cherepanov, Dmitry Artemyev
Long-pass edge interference filters designing in NIR spectral range for Raman spectroscopy

ID 292:   Alexander Gorokhov
Quantum theory of multilevel atoms interaction with structured electromagnetic fields

ID 321:   Victor Dolgirev, Sergei Sharangovich
Holographic formation of multilayer inhomogeneous PPM-LC diffraction structures under conditions of photoinduced change in absorption

ID 324:   Anton Krents, Nonna Molevich, Elizaveta Yarunova
Excitation of optical rogue waves in a laser model with optoelectronic feedback

ID 330:   Ilya Galaktionov, Alexander Nikitin, Julia Sheldakova, Alexis Kudryashov
Spatial light modulator control algorithm to focus moderately scattered laser beam

ID 335:   Evgeny Monin, Sventlana Khonina
Modeling the propagation of autofocusing beams in linear and nonlinear optical media

ID 336:   Alexandra Savelyeva, Elena Kozlova
Numerical modeling of light focusing by dielectric microcylinders with several layers

ID 339:   Yulia Khristoforova, Ivan Bratchenko, Lyudmila Bratchenko, Ekaterina Borisova, Alexander Moryatov, Sergey Kozlov, Valery Zakharov
Optical biopsy of skin cancer using Raman spectroscopy and autofluorescence incorporating with demographics

ID 342:   Anna Astrakhantseva, Vladimir Kukushkin
Nanoperiodic optical sensors with a giant enhancement of Raman scattering by IR excitation

ID 350:   Sunil Kumar, Nishant Tripathi, Prachi Sharma, Prabhash Mishra, Vladimir Pavelyev
Development of transition metal dichalcogenides for modern photodetector devices

ID 361:   Ilia Komarov, Evgeni Bezus, Leonid Doskolovich
Simulation of spectral diffractive lenses taking into account the effects of the rigorous electromagnetic diffraction theory

ID 362:   Marina Yazykova, Nishant Tripathi, Anastasiia Rymzhina, Victoria Valgaeva, Vladimir Podlipnov
Synthesis of CNTs for biomedical and photonic applications using rutin as a catalyst

ID 379:   Elizaveta Yarunova, Anton Krents, Nonna Molevich
Study of the influence of the alpha factor on the stabilization of radiation of semiconductor lasers using optical injection

ID 384:   Elena Zavyalova, Dmitry Gribanyov, Gleb Zhdanov, Alexandra Gambaryan, Andrei Olenin, Georgii Lisichkin, Vladimir Kukushkin
Nanostructured optical sensors for the detection of influenza virus

ID 394:   Gregory Pchelkin, Vadim Davydov, Vladimir Demidov
Study of the mode composition of microstructured fiber from the parameters of the technological cycle of its production

ID 401:   Alena Ivashchenko, Dmitriy Kochuev, Nikolay Davydov
Laser synthesis of aluminum oxide nanoparticles

ID 422:   Mohamed Hamza, Andrey Makarov, Vladimir Podlipnov
Design of the hardware and software complex for hyperspectral imaging control

ID 433:   Lyudmila Bratchenko, Vitaliya Belova, Daria Konovalova, Peter Lebedev, Elena Tupikova, Ivan Bratchenko
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of human serum

ID 440:   Ekaterina Savchenko, Elena Velichko, Polina Karpova, Darya Milenina
Development of speckle correlation sensor for studying blood flow

ID 448:   Ekaterina Gryaznova, Vadim Davydov, Vasiliy Rud
Optical method for quality control of fruits in express mode

ID 452:   Alena Gorshkova, Maxim Gorshkov, Vladimir Pavelyev
Amino groups on the CNT surface by a solvent-free modification using Z-Gly-OH and formaldehyde

ID 456:   Roman Pavelkin, Dmitry Nesterenko, Shinji Hayashi, Victor Soifer
Anticrossing behavior of surface plasmon polaritons coupled with vibrational modes in planar plasmon structures

ID 461:   Zoja Zabalueva, Olga Velukhova, Oleg Kotov, Elina Nepomnyashchaya, Elena Velichro
Optimization of the cross-correlation spectrometer parameters

ID 463:   Alexey Rezvan, Victor Klimin, Maksim Solodovnik, Tatyana Zubova, Tatyana Klimina, Roman Tominov, Julia Morozova
Modification of surface relief of structures of a semiconductor material based on plasma technologies for formation elements of nanophotonics and quantum optics

ID 470:   Veronica Cazac, Constantin Loshmanschii, Elena Achimova, Alexei Meshalkin, Vladimir Abashkin, Vladimir Podlipnov
Characterization of polarization holographic gratings obtained on azopolymer thin films by digital holographic microscopy

ID 473:   Naresh Kumar Reddy Andra, Mahdieh Hashemi, Ramprasad Lachimala, Karuna Sagar Dasari
Truncated apodizers for engineering the point spread function

ID 477:   Denis Kudryashov
Anticipating the release of the 100th issue of the journal "Computer Optics»

ID 478:   Irina V. Zhilavskaya
Media Culture and its role in the development and promotion of Russian Scientific journals

ID 479:   Vladimir A. Danilov
Computer optics and scientific instrumentation

ID 480:   Vladimir A. Danilov
Multimode beams with periodic properties

ID 486:   Serguei Murzin, Valeriy Balyakin, Carsten Gachot, Sergey Fomchenkov, Maksim Blokhin, Nikolay Kazanskiy
Reduction of the friction coefficient of silicon carbide ceramics by ultraviolet nanosecond laser treatment

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