Section 3

29 May




Kamila Koledina and Sergey Koledin
"Information-computational system for optimizing the conditions for catalytic reactions"



Konstantin Trubitsyn, Galina Mikheeva, Ruslan Klebleev and Olga Kurganova
"Additional boundary conditions in heat conduction problems for multilayer structures"



Konstantin Trubitsyn, Ruslan Klebleev, Galina Mikheeva and Ekaterina Stefanyuk
"Identification of heat exchange coefficient in heat conductivity problems with asymmetric boundary conditions"



Alexander Chistyakov, Alla Nikitina, Yulia Belova, Vladimir Litvinov and Alena Filina
"Mathematical modeling of the hydrodynamic processes of shallow water bodies taking into account the processes of salt and heat transfer"



Alexander Sukhinov, Elena Protsenko, Valentina Sidoryakina and Sofya Protsenko
"Numerical simulation of bottom topography transformation taking into account the coastal shore protection structures"



Denis Milyakov, Vladimir Verba, Vladimir Merkulov and Andrew Plyashechnik
"Two approaches to simulating a group flight of unmanned aerial vehicles as systems with lumped and distributed parameters"



Alexander Kovartsev, Anastasia Nazarova and Vitaly Zakharchenko
"Recovery of the hydrounit performance characteristics via a few observations"



Alexander Kuznetsov
"Game-theoretic model of agents' motion over a terrain with obstacles"



Rinad Seidgazov and Fikret Mirzade
"Thermocapillary mechanism for recoil pressure creation on a metals in laser technologies with deep penetration"



Ivan Amelyushkin
"Molecular modeling of  the interaction spherical and nonspherical  particles with a relief body"



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