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26 May




Olga Sushkova, Alexei Morozov, Alexandra Gabova and Alexei Karabanov
"Development of a method for early and differential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and essential tremor based on analysis of wave train electrical activity of muscles"



Renata Tolmacheva, Yury Obukhov and Ludmila Zhavoronkova
" Monitoring of inter-channel EEG phase synchronization in patients with traumatic brain injury before and after rehabilitation"



Konstantin Serdyukov and Tatyana Avdeenko
"Researching of methods for assessing the complexity of program code when generating input test data"



Andrey Konstantinov
"An approach to the formation of a training sample for assessing the emotional coloring of social network posts using machine learning"



Olga Andreeva, Alexander Nesterov, Tatiana Trubnikova, Vyacheslav Ivanov and Yelena Svechnikova
"Ethical and Legal Problems of Data Science (On Case Study of Video Recording Technologies)"

Only live talk


Vladimir B. Barakhnin, Olga Yu. Kozhemyakina, Pastushkov S. Ilya, Kuznetsova V. Irina and Yulia S. Borzilova
"Improvements to automated the algorithm definition of rhyme"



Alexey Zhelepov and Nadezhda Yarushkina
"IT specialists search algorithm based on repositories"



Vadim Zinatullin and Sergey Koledin
"Analysis of work scientists directions based on the processing of natural language texts"



Sergey Koledin, Edgar Zubaerov, Evgenii Kislicin, Vladislav Aptikaev and Ruslan Almakaev
"Parallelizing a solution of multi-purpose optimization problem for the conditions of a chemical reaction based on CUDA technology"



Alla Kravets
"Research of the LDA algorithm processing results on high-level classes of patents"

Only live talk


Alexander Feoktistov and Roman Kostromin
"A multi-agent model of allocating resources of a high-performance computing environment in the processing of job flows"



Sergey Gorsky, Roman Kostromin, Alexander Feoktistov and Igor Bychkov
"Toolkit for supporting high-performance computing in subject-oriented heterogeneous environments"



Vladimir Vakourin, Andrey Kopylov, Oleg Seredin and Konstantin Mertsalov
"On the multiclass classification of words by a recurrent neural network with memory (LSTM) as applied to the problem of recognition of named entities"



Alexey Kovalenko and Yana Demyanenko
"Neural network confidence model"



Valeriia Guryanova
"Transfer Learning for tuberculosis screening by single-channel ECG"



Denis Shepelev, Valentina Bozhkova, Egor Ershov and Dmitry Nikolaev
"The problem of underwater images modeling based on terrestrial ones"



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