Section 2 - Track 3


On this page, talks in the format of video presentations are posted. They can be viewed during the whole time of the Conference. To send your question to the authors, please follow to YouTube and write your question in the comments. You can also use the feedback form on our website. Authors will answer questions using Yotube comments or via email.


Elena Medvedeva, Igor Trubin and Pavel Kasper
"The algorithm for vehicle number plate detection"



Yulia Agafonova, Andrey Gaidel, Pavel Zelter and Aleksandr Kapishnikov
"Convolutional neural network for detection of pathological changes in MR images of the brain"



Ekaterina Kurbatova
"Road detection in aerial images based on color information and geometry features"



Rinat Diyazitdinov
"Iterative algorithm of optical triangulation sensors signals superposition for measuring solid deformation"



Anton Kornilov, Ilia Safonov and Ivan Yakimchuk
"Ring artifacts segmentation on microtomographic images by convolutional neural networks"



Konstantin Kiy and Roman Dosaev
"Global image analysis: detection and recognition of basic informative elements of road scenes"



Elena Medvedeva and Elizaveta Varko
"Image segmentation based on RGBD data"



Aleksandr Shirokanev and Dmitry Kirsh
"Study of the ambiguity problem of Bravais unit cell choice in three-dimensional crystal lattice identification task"



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