Section 1 - Track 3


On this page, talks in the format of video presentations are posted. They can be viewed during the whole time of the Conference. To send your question to the authors, please follow to YouTube and write your question in the comments. You can also use the feedback form on our website. Authors will answer questions using Yotube comments or via email.


Nishant Tripathi, Vladimir Pavelyev, Andrei Mezhenin, Sunil Kumar, Mariia Sovetkina, Anastasiia Rymzhina and Vladimir Platonov
"Development of infrared radiation sensor for household electronic applications"



Evgeni Bezus, Dmitry Bykov and Leonid Doskolovich
"Integrated spectral filters consisting of several dielectric ridges on the surface of a slab waveguide"



Sergey Fomchenkov
"Development and research of a linearly changing narrow bandpass optical filter for hyperspectral equipment"



Elizaveta Yarunova, Anton Krents, Nonna Molevich and Dmitriy Anchikov
"Stabilization of a broad-area laser with a modulated pump parameter using optical injection"



Vladimir Podlipnov and Sergey Karpeev
"Spatial light modulator for creating vector beams"



Vladimir Pavelyev
"THz/Far-IR Diffractive Optics: Methods, Applications, Perspectives"



Dmitry Bykov, Evgeni Bezus, Linyong Qian and Leonid Doskolovich
"Optical properties of resonant gratings with slowly varying period"



Elina Nepomnyashchaya and Olga Ponomareva
"Method of polarization-based visualization for skin health analysis"



Olga Gubareva, Vladimir Burdin, Vladimir Gureev and Sergej Masyuk
"Simulation of data transmission in a simplex acousto-optical channel over a two-mode optical fiber"



Veronica Cazac
"Improved 3D imaging of phase shifting digital holographic microscope by compensation for wavefront distortion"



Evgenii Sechak, Andrey Rumyancev, Sergey Schesnyak and Viktor Dubrovich
"Alignment algorithm for composite mirrors by the method of moments"



Vladimir Podlipnov, Sergey Karpeev and Vyacheslav Paranin
"Film sector optical element for creating inhomogeneous polarizations with phase correction of higher orders"



Vadim Davydov
"Multifunctional radar system for remote monitoring of the environment and the Earth's surface"



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