Section 3 - Track 4


On this page, talks in the format of video presentations are posted. They can be viewed during the whole time of the Conference. To send your question to the authors, please follow to YouTube and write your question in the comments. You can also use the feedback form on our website. Authors will answer questions using Yotube comments or via email.


Anna Mozhayko, Sergey Manninen and Vadim Davydov
"Modeling of physical processes of interaction of ultrasonic wave with metal structures for detection of defects"



Vladimir Zelenskiy and Maxim Kapalin
"Modelling of the microelectromechanical system gyroscope’s toothed resonator"



Boris Kryzhanovsky and Leonid Litinskii
"Eigenvalue spectrum for Ising model on hypercube"



Svetlana Novikova, Pavel Tutubalin, Alexander Snegurenko and Ruzilya Yakhina
"The optimal aircraft gas turbine engine control in low gas mode in the conditions of external additive noise"



Yuriy Batov, Danila Puzko, Vadim Davydov and Alexander Petrov
"Comparison of methods for baseline determining of fluorescent detector signals of genetic analyzer"



Valeriy Ermolaev, Yuriy Kropotov and Alexander Proskuryakov
"Modeling of neural systems and networks by functional differential equations"



Andrey Tsyganov and Yulia Tsyganova
"Decentralized measurement data processing based on J-orthogonal transformations in a square-root information Kalman filter"



Tatiana Kureneva, Andrey Tsyganov, Yulia Tsyganova and Natalia Volkova
"Square-root covariance filtering algorithm for discrete-time systems with multiplicative noises"



Aleksey Golubkov, Andrey Tsyganov and Igor Petrishchev
"Detection of changes in the motion mode of an object moving along a complex trajectory"



Ildar Badamshin
"The thermal conductivity and propagation velocity of oscillations modeling taking in single crystals into account the anisotropy of their properties"



Anton Eremin
"Approximate analytical solution of the Graetz problem"



Kirill Kazakov
"Modeling of the interaction of cylindrical bodies with complex surface properties"



Aleksei Taiurskii and Mikhail Gavrikov
"Influence of plasma inhomogeneity on process of Alfven wave nonlinear absorption by dissipative plasma with photorecombination radiation"



Pavel Ganin and Alexander Kobrin
"Modeling of the industrial manipulator based on PLC Siemens and Step Motors Festo"



Igor Blatov, Boris Likhttsinder and Elena Kitaeva
"On estimates of average queue length for queueing systems in the case of correlated input flow"



Alexey Dolgov, Igor Ishchuk and Valery Tyapkin
"Evaluation of qualitative indicators of the mathematical model of thermal tomograms construction based on the data of different time IR images"



Alexey Zhabin, Sergey Karamov and Alexey Krisilov
"Simulation of ultrashort pulse scattering by a conductive cylinder"



Boris Belyaev, Sergey Khodenkov, Natalya Shepeta and Dmitry Malyshev
"The investigation of ultra-wideband filter 3D model based on microstrip multimode resonators"



Irina Zaporotskova, Daniil Radchenko, Lev Kozitov and Natalia Boroznina
"Theoretical study of a metal composite based on a monolayer of pyrolyzed polyacrylonitrile containing paired metal atoms Cu-Co, Cu-Ni, Ni-Co, Ni-Fe"



Roman Okulov, Sergey Ilinykh, Mikhail Zakharov and Suleiman Akhmetshin
"Mathematical model of the process of the plasma pulverization of the rod electrode to produce of titanium powder"



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