Section 3 - Track 3


On this page, talks in the format of video presentations are posted. They can be viewed during the whole time of the Conference. To send your question to the authors, please follow to YouTube and write your question in the comments. You can also use the feedback form on our website. Authors will answer questions using Yotube comments or via email.


Andrey Tyugashev and Sergei Orlov
"Ways of providing intelligent consistent real-time control for cyber-technical systems"



Ishan Patel and Vladimir Aslanov
"Active debris removal using electromagnetic induction"



Roman Kovalenko, Alexander Tashlinskii and Mikhail Tsaryov
"Deformation field estimate for image sequence by applying stochastic adaptation in the block method"



Anton Doroshin
"Conditions of implementing dynamical regimes with strange chaotic attractors in attitude dynamics of multi-rotor spacecraft"



Leonid Korolev
"Estimation of dynamically changing navigation parameters of the group of autonomous vehicles"



Ilya Kuznecov, Anton Kuznecov, Igor Baclanov and Oleg Strashko
"The stochastic model of search and detection of ground objects using unmanned aerial vehicles under conditions of irregular influence of the environment"



Leonid Sinitsin and Andrey Kramlikh
"Synthesis of optimal control law of the reorientation if the nanosatellite using procedures for analytic construction of optimal regulators"



Alexandr Eryomenko and Anton Doroshin
"Reorienting nanosatellites to a predefined attitude using angular displacements of movable modules"



Lenar Faizullin and Ruslan Pikalov
"The influence of the choice of the engagement point of the tether on the process of towing the space debris"



Viktar Beliautsou, Alexandra Fedorova, Mikita Syrovatnikau and Vladimir Mokshin
"Development of an unmanned aerial vehicle stabilizing system with variable thrust vector"



Vladimir Mochalov, Yuri Choni, Anatoliy Romanov and Igor Danilov
"Investigation of the potential characteristics of a satellite multi-beam hybrid-mirror antenna by modeling the process of adaptation to random deformations of the reflector"



Yuriy Zabolotnov and Tatyana Ledkova
"Modeling and analysis of the motion of the space tethered system in a lunar orbit"



Vladimir Aslanov and Alexander Ledkov
"Chaotic motion of a passive space object during its contactless transportation by ion beam"



Igor Arkhipov, Yuri Shelkovnikov and Anastasia Meteleva
"The use of the spatial-structural model of a video signal from the television scanistor in the tasks of monitoring the geometric parameters of small objects"



Alexander Ledkov
"Modeling the spatial motion of a space tether system with an inflatable balloon for raising payload orbit"



Olga Starinova, Danhe Chen and Elizaveta Sergaeva
"Simulation of mission with low-thrust spacecraft to near-Earth asteroid"



Vladimir Pankratov, Marina Barulina, Aleksey Golikov and Elena Pankratova
"Analysis of the possibility of deterministic chaos during the movement of an Earth remote sensing satellite with gyro dampers"



Daria Zima, Alexander Spector and Darya Sokolova
"Spatiotemporal spectral analysis of signals and active interference in radar with digital antenna arrays"



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